ScreenClean 2.0

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A total "Wash and Wax" system for any screen

ScreenClean™ 2.0 is part of a two-part Clean and Shield™ system (CleanTouch® 2.0 sold separately) that is like a wash-and-wax for screens, keeping any screen clean way longer than competing screen cleaners. ScreenClean™ 2.0 gives you a shining clean screen and long-lasting protection against fingerprints, grime, and dirt. For a clean TV screen, home theater, or laptop that stays that way longer, this is the system you need.

Step 1 - ScreenClean™ 2.0 Deeply Cleans

For a screen that goes beyond clean, you need ScreenClean™ 2.0 screen cleaner. This no-drip solution wipes out fingerprints, eradicates smudges, and dissolves grime. It's the deepest clean you can get safely.

Step 2 - CleanTouch® 2.0 Shields the Clean (sold separately)

We use our tablets, computers, and TVs constantly, meaning oily, germ-infested screens are a part of life. But who wants to spend time cleaning them? Monster CleanTouch® 2.0 is the first solution that leaves behind a micro-thin coating to protect against microbial growth and repel fingerprints and dust, long after you're done cleaning. It shields the clean for a deeply clean screen, longer than other screen cleaners.

  • Works best in conjunction with CleanTouch® 2.0 (sold separately)
  • Competitive products leave behind streaks; ScreenClean® 2.0 is streak-free
  • Monster's no-drip gel won't ooze into electronics
  • For a clean TV screen, laptop, home theatre and more, ScreenClean® 2.0 cleans deeply and safely. The solution is free of harmful chemicals, including alcohol and ammonia
  • Enduring clean for a cleaner screen longer
  • Wipes out fingerprints, grime, dirt and dust


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