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Power surges can be serious. Not only could you lose your home entertainment system and home office electronics -- you could lose your home. Standard surge won't cut it and can actually cause a fire. Monster Fireproof™ surge protectors are the answer.

How Does it Work?

Common events like storms can cause a dangerous surge, permanently damaging your electronics in the process. Even if your current surge protector is UL-certified, it could still catch fire. In a power surge, excess energy is absorbed by a component called an MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor.) This component absorbs excess energy and releases that energy as heat. While dissipating excessive heat, sparks and fire can result.

Monster is Safer

We encase our MOVs in a specially engineered ceramic material that will not catch fire during a power surge, making it your best defense against fire. Only Monster Power is equipped with Monster Fireproof™ MOV Technology.

Industry-leading Connected Equipment Warranty

At a minimum, a surge can reduce the lifespan of your electronic equipment. If it receives a sudden jolt of electricity, it can easily short out - destroying all in the process. Our Connected Equipment Warranty offers up to €150,000 worth of coverage for any device connected properly that is damaged due to negative power conditions.

Better Sound and Picture

The power in your home is subject to interference or noise that can be seen and heard on your system. Our surge protectors include Monster Clean Power® technology to help ensure that your components perform at peak levels. EMI/RFI Filtration mean better sound and better picture.

Direct USB Charge and Protection

Some of our surge protectors feature USB charging without the need for an extra plug. Not only does it protect your electronic items, it also allows you to charge smartphones and tablets quickly and safely.

Integrated Aerial Protection

Our AV power products feature an added layer of protection with aerial connectors, meaning if your TV aerial or satellite dish is hit by lightning your home theatre equipment is still protected.

  • Fireproof™ MOV power protection protects your home, not just your equipment
  • 1836 Joules of Protection
  • €150,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Two surge protected USB charge outputs
  • Power Filtration helps remove interference from mains power and improve picture and sound
  • DE 2-pin socket suitable for Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Norway, Sweden and Finland


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