Clarity HD Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

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Better Than What Came In The Box...

Let's face it - there are a lot of headphones out there. And a lot of them come with another device; your new smartphone, maybe your tablet or laptop. Unfortunately, those headphones are often the lowest quality item in the box, and we think that's where they should stay - in the box! After all, you want to enjoy your music and calls as much as possible, right? Step up to the Monster Clarity family, offering tremendous value for money and better build and sound quality, comfort, clarity and isolation.

Wireless Convenience

Life today is mobile, and your headphones need to keep up. The Clarity HD Bluetooth in ear headphones offer you the convenience of a stable Bluetooth connection to any device with 3-button Universal Control Talk for compatibility with any OS or device. Control your calls and your music without the need to touch your device! The Control Talk also houses the USB charge port, keeping bulk on the earpiece itself to a minimum.

Super Lightweight

Heavy Bluetooth headphones are a bad idea. Why? Because they fall out more easily, and give you a bad experience. The Clarity HD headphones are extremely light, coming in at only 16 grams. They also feature an ultra thin cable, designed to minimise noise created by friction against clothing and to stop it sticking to you, or in the collars of jackets and shirts.

Dual Battery Design

Battery life is one of the top considerations when choosing a Bluetooth headphone. It needs to keep going long enough to get you through the day, but also not be so big that you can't wear it. Monster have endeavoured to create a balance between the two by designing the Clarity HD as a dual-battery headphone. Not only do you get 8+ hours of playback or talk time, the dual design also balances the headphone and contributes to the quality of sound reproduction.

Superior Noise Isolation

Generic buds have a one-size-fits-no-one approach and don't provide good levels of isolation, for you or for the people around you! Not only does the Clarity HD provide you with high levels of sound isolation so you can enjoy your music without intrusive noises from the surrounding environment, the isolation also helps prevent sound leakage so your fellow commuters don't have their travel disturbed by your tunes.

Crystal Clear Calls

There's nothing worse than being on a call and not being able to hear the person at the other end. So many headphones out there include a sub-standard microphone, meaning you sound fuzzy, far away or even muffled when you use them for calls. Monster have incorporated a high quality mic into the Clarity HD, ensuring clearer voice and higher levels of background noise reduction.

It Fits!

One of the most common complaints about in-ear headphones in general is that they fall out. But did you know a badly-fitting in-ear headphone can also contribute to perceived poor sound quality? If you have a bud that's too loose, you can experience loss of bass and other frequencies that make your music sound flat and dull. Monster give you three sets of flexible in-ear tips, designed for long-term comfort and daily wear, to ensure you get the best possible fit and music experience.

Durable Stress Points

It's frustrating when your headphones start to fall to pieces due to poor quality build. The Monster Clarity HD headphones are better built, with reinforcement at critical stress points where headphones can start to break with use. These points include the cable just below the earpiece, around the 3.5mm connector and around the microphone.

Custom-Tuned for the Best Music Experience

Ultimately, you want your headphones to sound good! Monster has custom-tuned the Clarity HD headphones to give a clear, detailed and accurate presentation of your music, no matter which genre is your favourite.

Specification Summary

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 8+ hour battery life
  • Lightweight design - only 16 grams
  • Better built - sturdy construction with reinforcements at critical stress points
  • Better comfort - multiple sizes of soft yet durable ear tips to suit most ear shapes
  • Better isolation - high levels of noise isolation from the secure fit of the bud
  • Better sound - custom-tuned to provide detail, clarity and accuracy
  • Clearer calls from the high intelligibility microphone
  • Available in 2 colours

What's In The Box?

  • Clarity HD Bluetooth Headphones
  • Micro USB charge cable
  • 3 sizes of in-ear tips
  • Soft carry pouch
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Information


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